Kendl Winter and the Summer Gold - It Can Be Done (K Records)
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Kendl Winter and the Summer Gold - It Can Be Done (K Records)

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From K Records: 

"It Can Be Done! is a victory album of sorts, and Kendl Winter’s third release on K, the follow up to her beautiful 2012 landmark The Mechanics of Hovering Flight (KLP238).

Recorded by Calvin Johnson on reel-to-reel tape at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, WA, on It Can Be Done! Kendl is backed by The Summer Gold,Austin Cooper (drums), Joe Capoccia (bass & guitar), and Derek Johnson(cello).  Together they explored her year of new horizons.  In sweet spinning songs like “Centrifugal Forces,” Kendl makes even the awkward, arduous task of laundry in a foreign country seem a steady triumph: “I'm out walking, Tulsa wind, stumbling in place again. Who knew it would be so hard to do your laundry in Berlin?”  The following lead tracks “Rosie” and “Dreaming of Babylon,” both convey the spirit Kendl has been working from this past year, the very idea that she can choose to live her life outside of cultural expectations and guidelines, even when it's difficult, even when it's terrifying. That it is, in fact, possible to manifest the life of your dreams.  It can be done!"

  1. Rocking Chair
  2. Centrifugal Forces
  3. Rosie
  4. But It Can Be Done
  5. How To Keep It Hawt
  6. The Sky Is Green
  7. Hands Behind Your Back
  8. Dreaming Of Babylon
  9. Go Easily
  10. Huckleberry Blue
  11. Black Hole

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