Jemima James - At Long View Farm / When You Get Old
Jemima James

Jemima James - At Long View Farm / When You Get Old

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In the fall of 2004, Team Love’s two founders traveled from New York City to Martha’s Vineyard to meet the kid.  He was still in high school, but his songs were starting to pop up on local radio, and Team Love was keen to make the young man’s acquaintance.

While one path of this narrative leads to the story of Willy Mason and his debut album Where The Human’s Eat (TL02), there is another story to tell, and that’s of the kid’s mother, Jemima James.

Jemima tells us a bit about how it all started:

I grew up in Colorado and went to the Boston Museum School to study illustration.  I joined a band, dropped out of art school and moved to New York City in the early 1970s with my partner Michael Mason.

On that cold autumn day in 2004, Jemima scrutinized the two visitors from the city, before showing them to the guest cabin that was shared by the communal living residents of the small social experiment they called home. She instructed the guests on how to throw cedar shavings into the pit toilets.  Willy explained that his parents had left New York after becoming disillusioned with the 1970s folk scene.

I’ve been on and off writing, playing, and recording ever since [the early 70s], and now I’m 65.  I’ve been a prep cook, preschool teacher, maid, caterer, counter girl, and have taken care of old people, which I still do.

More about Jemima at Team Love


At Longview Farm (TL-90)

  1. Sensible Shoes 03:38
  2. Havana Cigar 04:29
  3. Easy Come Easy Go 03:27
  4. Esperate 04:41
  5. Book Me Back in Your Dreams 03:05
  6. One More Rodeo 03:31
  7. Jackson County 03:56
  8. Precious Love 03:05
  9. Billy Baloo 02:58
  10. Waiter at the Station 03:16

When You Get Old (TL-91)

  1. When You Get Old 03:19
  2. Magician 03:24
  3. Beaver Moon 03:09
  4. If I Could Only Fly 04:20
  5. If It’s The End 02:36
  6. Sensible Shoes 03:18
  7. Bats In The Belfry 02:50
  8. Golden Boy 03:06
  9. Tennessee Blues 03:40
  10. Easy Come Easy Go 03:19
  11. One and Only 03:26
  12. Slow Dancing 04:03
  13. Nothing New 03:05


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