Faux Real II - Compilation - Fake Grape (Father/Daughter Records)
Father/Daughter Records

Faux Real II - Compilation - Fake Grape (Father/Daughter Records)

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Faux Real II is the second volume in the Faux Real compilation series, originally launched as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2014. Rising from the ashes of its RSD15 rejection, Faux Real II follows its predecessor with ten new covers of songs originally made famous by faux musicians. Faux Real II will only be available on “Fake Grape” vinyl, limited to 500 copies (includes digital download card), and will not be released digitally.

Pre-order now. 20 available of 500.

  • Release Date:  April 28, 2015
  • Formats: Vinyl
  • Pre-orders: Ship for arrival on-or-before release date   

Track Listing

  1. Chumped - “Threshold” (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
  2. Krill - “Billy Madison Victory Song” (Billy Madison)
  3. Quarterbacks - “You Painted My World” (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)
  4. Running In The Fog - “Killer Tofu” (Doug)
  5. Allison Crutchfield (of Swearin’) - “Special To Me (Phoenix Audition Song)” (Phantom of the Paradise)
  6. LVL UP - “Somebody Kill Me Please” (The Wedding Singer)
  7. Sharpless - “Franz Kafka” (Home Movies)
  8. Rivergazer - “Fever Dog” (Almost Famous)
  9. Paint Sepsi - “I Must Be In Love” (The Rutles)
  10. Small Wonder - “Margerine” (The Simpsons)

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