Miwi La Lupa - New Way Home
Miwi La Lupa

Miwi La Lupa - New Way Home

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New Way Home, MiWi’s debut album on Team Love, is the result of life taking an unexpected turn. With the help of Monica Frisell, the songs began to take shape in early 2013. As things developed, friends such as Joanna Warren, Curtis Fowlkes, Rob Jost, Mara Kaye, Natalie John, Timothy Allen, Bill Frisell, and Conor Oberst, all enthused at the sound, eagerly jumped in to lend a hand. New Way Homeis a short, immediate, and catchy album, but its real magic lies in its ability to invoke a wide range of sonic diversity while not losing sight of its singular vision. A track like “Ashes To The Wind” invokes legendary bluesman Howlin’ Wolf, while “Here I Am” positions itself neatly between singer-songwriters like Ron Sexsmith and Stuart Murdoch. The album’s songs range from playfully vengeful (“Everybody’s Fuckin’ With Me”) to sorrowfully serious (“New Moon”).

MiWi’s voice is frank, his phrasing crisp, his lyrics easy to grasp yet full of twists. The songs document a season in a life, offering empathy to the listener while asking for the same in return. New Way Home comes out on Team Love Records January 21, 2014.


1. Radio 4:22
2. A New Way Home 4:46 
3. Everybody's Fuckin' With Me 4:54
4. Here I Am 3:19
5. Ashes to the Wind 4:36 
6. Once Took A Day 6:32
7. New Moon Night 5:22
8. When You're Gone 3:57


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