David Dondero - #Zero with a Bullet
David Dondero

David Dondero - #Zero with a Bullet

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David Dondero on # Zero with a Bullet:

"Have you ever gone from Berlin to Tasmania? From the Klutina River in Alaska down to San Francisco via Honolulu, Austin, and Frogmore, South Carolina? All in one album? Not knowing where to next? Well, that's where I've been and where I'm trying to get. The great not knowing... like a wind that's blowing, rolling… 'Wherever you go, then there you are.' The holy unforgiving blacktop sanctuary has become a wife and family to me. This is the seventh installment in a series of words put to soundscape which paints the picture of my life. Jobs, love affairs, battles with bottle and so on. # Zero with a Bullet. The title - yeah, I know where I stand in the game. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna keep playing. I didn't think I had another song in me, but here we go again. They just crept up and wouldn't leave me alone; wouldn't let me sleep! I don't even know where the hell they came from or remember how they got here. These goddamned songs!"


  1. Jesus from 12 to 6 3:52
  2. Caught the Song 2:27
  3. Just a Baby in Your Mama's Eyes 3:48
  4. # Zero With a Bullet 3:59
  5. It's Peaceful Here 6:02
  6. Carolina Moon 3:19
  7. Wherever You Go 5:55 MP3
  8. Don't Be Eyeballin' My Po' Boy, Boy 4:25
  9. Job Boss 3:25
  10. All These Fishes Swimmin' Through My Head 4:19

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