Flowers Forever - Flowers Forever
Flowers Forever

Flowers Forever - Flowers Forever

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FLOWERS FOREVER performed by

Derek Pressnall: Rhythm Guitar, Singing, Pots/Pans and other various Percussive Instruments, Bells

Chris Senseney: Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Piano, Organ, Mellotron, Rhodes, Harmony Singing

Craig Dee: Drums, Percussive Instruments, Shouting, Bells

With Shane Aspegren, Steel Drum on Black Rosary; Pearl Boyd, Singing on American Dream; David Downing, Cello on Black Rosary, Strange Fruit, and Black Pope; Tyler Hottovy, Trombone on Strange Fruit and Black Pope; Ben Kristy, Tuba on Dirty Dollar Bill, Strange Fruit and Black Pope; Dan McCarthy, Accordion on American Dream, Strange Fruit and Black Pope; CJ Olson, Shouting on Wet Diamonds, Smash The Cool, and Happy New Year; Ian Simons, Saxophone on Golden Shackles and Black Pope; Julia Bryson, Stephanie Drootin, and Neely Jenkins, Tropical Vocals on Beach Bum.

A bunch of friends did group singing on Happy New Year Recorded at ARC Studios by Ian Aeillo (Aug 2007). Mixed at ARC Studio by AJ Mogis (Oct 2007). Mastered at Focus Mastering by Doug Van Sloun (Aug 2007). Cover photograph taken by Jamie Pressnall.


  1. Beautiful Tornado 1:15
  2. American Dream 4:19
  3. Black Rosary 3:05
  4. Wet Diamonds 2:10
  5. Golden Shackles 3:49
  6. Dirty Dollar Bill 3:49
  7. Jealous Motherfucker 3:05
  8. Happy New Year 2:00
  9. Strange Fruit 3:48
  10. Smash the Cool 3:29
  11. Beach Bum 2:43
  12. Elliptical Love 3:12
  13. Black Pope 3:28

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