Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins - Rabbit Fur Coat

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Known and loved by many as the enchanting front-woman for LA's critically lauded Rilo Kiley, Jenny's vocal and songwriting gifts have continued to blossom at a rapid rate since that band's first album in 2000. Their 3rd and latest album More Adventurous (Beaut/Brute Records, 2004) inspired some particularly hyperbolic responses from press and peers alike. "Patsy, Petula, and Chrissie have an heiress apparently" claimed Entertainment Weekly, while Elvis Costello was spurred to include the band on his Artist Choice compilation, going on to comment that Jenny's "storytelling is remarkable."

Rabbit Fur Coat may be her solo debut, but there's nothing virginal about it. From the opening track "Run Devil Run" to the closing reprise of "Happy" Jenny's hauntingly soulful voice, sometimes bursting with buoyant spirit and at other times plaintive and world wearied, is deep, sensual and beguiling. Rilo fans won't be surprised to find her intricate storytelling and evocative lyrics infusing these songs with a captivating vibrancy, but they may be knocked sideways by the musical alchemy at play. Admitting to an almost life-long appreciation of Laura Nyro's classic Gonna Take A Miracle and Bob Dylan's New Morning Jenny brings her love of folk, country and Southern gospel to these songs. The result is nothing short of gorgeous.


  1. Run Devil Run 1:06
  2. The Big Guns 2:32
  3. Rise Up With Fists!! 3:36
  4. Happy 4:14
  5. The Charging Sky 2:56
  6. Melt Your Heart 2:50
  7. You Are What You Love 2:52
  8. Rabbit Fur Coat 4:32
  9. Handle With Care 2:56
  10. Born Secular 5:07
  11. It Wasn't Me 4:10
  12. Happy (Reprise) 0:48

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