Tilly & the Wall - o
Tilly & the Wall

Tilly & the Wall - o

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The album, produced by the acclaimed Mike Mogis, has no title. It could be called “O,” because its cover is just that: an oval-shaped frame for the artwork that will go inside of it. As a band who surround themselves not only with artistic friends, but also artistic fans, Tilly and the Wall have invited everyone in their community to contribute to the cover art for their record. O will have limited edition runs of handmade prints available by different artists that will act as the record’s cover, giving the band’s fans a unique piece of art for both their album and their walls. Each month, the record will have a different cover; or, of course, you could very well create your own. The frame of the cover art allows the listener to put him/herself into the album, and believe us: this is a record into which you’ll want to pour yourself.


  1. Tall Tall Grass 2:57
  2. Pot Kettle Black 2:50 MP3
  3. Cacophony 2:27 MP3
  4. I Found You 2:36
  5. Alligator Skin 2:20
  6. Chandelier Lake 4:16
  7. Dust Me Off 2:56
  8. Falling Without Knowing 3:05
  9. Poor Man's Ice Cream 3:12
  10. Bloodflower 2:33
  11. Too Excited 3:16

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