The Berg Sans Nipple - Build With Erosion
The Berg Sans Nipple

The Berg Sans Nipple - Build With Erosion

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Acclaimed drum and electronics duo The Berg Sans Nipple (Nebraskan Shane Aspegren and Frenchman Lori Sean Berg) are back with Build With Erosion, their newest album out on Team Love. With a sound that encompasses a little bit of everything — from gamelan, electronica, Afro Beat, post-punk, old-soul, dub, Ennio Morricone landscapes and hip-hop beats — Build With Erosion maps out its own very special musical terrain.


  1. Change the Shape 3:47 MP3
  2. Build With Erosion 3:53
  3. Dead Dinosaurs Rule the Earth 3:23
  4. Convert the Measurement 3:03 MP3
  5. Le cadavre exquis 5:20
  6. Terroir 2:25
  7. Sunday Morning 3:46
  8. Weatherman 2:27
  9. Body Movement 6:31
  10. All People 6:03
  11. Pink Rays Sugar 4:21
Limited edition 2xLP comes with laser etched fourth side!

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