SDX - Pawn and Gun

SDX - Pawn and Gun

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SDX is a two-piece from Alabama, USA.

Primarily consisting of Taylor Hollingsworth (Dead Fingers, Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band) and Sweetdog (Dexateens, Paul “Wine” Jones, T-Model Ford) the band’s debut album, “Pawn and Gun,” is out on Team Love August 27th, 2013.

Sweetdog is a military man. One time in Somalia he had to shoot some camels that were in the middle of the road tied together by barbed wire as part of a roadblock. He received a Navy Achievement Medal for this actions and 3 days off in Mombasa. Taylor was recruited by Sweetdog to play guitar in the band Dexateens. Years later they formed the band SDX, or Sweet Dog Experience. Taylor writes the songs, taking inspiration from Sweetdog.

An SDX show is 90% improvised experimental rock n' roll. The rhythm tracks were almost all improvised and recorded on the spot at Memphis Punk Rock n' Roll Legend, Jack Oblivion's apartment.


  1. Distracted 2:42
  2. High Heeled Shoes 1:59
  3. Spinning Hands 2:43
  4. Mark E. Smith 2:57
  5. Gun 4:45
  6. Knocking At My Door 4:17
  7. Quickly Shady 2:55
  8. Pawn 2:04
  9. Love Like Light 3:53

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