Rig 1

Rig 1 - Auditory Undulations From Lands Inside (7 inch)

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The realm of rap and the cosmos, the OUTER SPACE where Sun Ra and George Clinton pointed the young pups’ gaze to the sky…but pushing a mop bucket down an empty hall under dusted florescent lights slowly digesting generations of dead flies; Rig 1 was unable to see the stars and turned his quest to understand our place in the universe back in on the Self. Rather then explore the outer ring he opted to polish the double-helix, scrub the electrons and map the infinite space between particles, the space between the wall and the fist, the small hairs and ocular freeways that inform the mind, that text-book-answers are an easy option, but not the only path.

Special edition 7" from Ear to Ground Records.

Trust, Jimmy Utah, and Rig 1


  1. Dirty Little Sica 3:36 MP3
  2. Drink Drunk 3:30


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