A Weather - The Feather Test
A Weather

A Weather - The Feather Test

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A Weather has described its sound as “cozy music for the holidays” but sometimes the holidays are over. At times like these they can be described as “cozy music for after the holidays” or “cozy music for the hottest part of summer.” Sometimes the music isn’t really that cozy. Lyrically the songs embrace topics like death equally as much as they discuss having a stuffed elephant fall out of your bed at night. But are those two things really so different?

Other people have compared A Weather to bands like Bedhead, Arab Strap and the Red House Painters. Some of these people have compared Aaron’s voice to David Bazan and Hayden. Once Zoë and Sarah’s voices were called feathery. When they record, A Weather likes to use very little reverb and lots of acoustic guitars. They add simple percussion and boomy floor toms here and there and are not unwilling to include a glockenspiel. Songs straddle the line between folk and rock, though they are never folk-rock. The emphasis is on intertwining vocal harmonies and small melody lines that fuse together and then split apart. The arrangements are intricate and carefully constructed. This is because the members of A Weather are natural worriers and don’t like to leave much up to chance.


  1. The Feather Test 4:57
  2. One More One Night Stand 5:27 MP3

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