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Good Good Blood - At Your Mercy

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"At Your Mercy’ is full-blooded and complete... Repeat sittings could inspire even the most ardent pessimist to imagine a better future." - Balloon Machine


Good Good Blood (aka James Smith, founder of Foxfood Records) has slowly, over the course of a number of EP's and album releases, built a reputation for beautiful, affecting, and honest song writing.

Using a minimal, lo-fi recording set up, Smith's songs burst into being, blossoming and flourishing, each one a testament to life, love and everything that goes along with it.

Field recordings punctuate the music. Birds sings, children play and fire rattles, grounding it in Mirfield, the small northern town where Smith lives. Echoes of Mount Eerie, Alex G and Bon Iver are ever present, but, as Smith has show throughout his releases, this is an artist furrowing his own path and defining his own sound.

Team Love Records will release the digital album, At Your Mercy, on January 24, 2020. The vinyl was released on May 15, 2020.

NOTE:  UK fans can find the vinyl via Fox Food Records Bandcamp. XOTL

  1. All These Days 05:06

  2. Sanctuary Mornings 03:18

  3. Flowers Bloom 03:27

  4. It’s Burning Down 06:14

  5. Kevin’s House 2:00

  6. For a Little While 02:40

  7. Say Goodbye 04:19

  8. Tomorrow Has Made You 03:55

  9. Too Dark to See 01:42

    10.  Flaming Pumpkin Head 02:26

    11.  Is This the Life 03:39

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