Refried Ice Cream - Cosmic Comic Book
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Refried Ice Cream - Cosmic Comic Book

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“Our music has always been dictated by the times and by our experiences living in it.” says Denny Brewer, singer and guitarist for the father/son band, Refried Ice Cream. His son Josh adds, “... about our global predicament: organized violence, and toxic relationships of the governments, banks and big business. This we balance with the positive message of the power of the people to change it all, and still have some fun with the groove.”

Some of the adjectives that have been used to describe the band include: psychedelic blues, spacey jazz, rock with intellect, and a spiritually enlightening hypnotic jam, trippy. These help define this eclectic band whose music crosses many categories. Informed lyrics, improvisation, and original music effects have helped garner the band its reputation for pure originality. Refried Ice Cream are El Paso’s legendary comic freak-daddy warriors, full of love and direct answers.

Josh again, “When it comes to our sounds, we love exploring different musical dimensions. Spontaneity plays a huge part in our tunes.”

Refried Ice Cream’s twelfth release, Cosmic Comic Books, their second on Team Love Records, is out April 28, 2015.



1. Babylon Banksters 04:40
2. Pre-emptive Strike - Impeach Them All 04:42
3. Probable Cause 06:20
4. Don’t Let Your Momma & Daddy Turn Into Zombies 04:19 5. Sometimes 07:11
6. Tar Sands Woofman 04:31
7. Solar Plane 06:05
8. Loose Change 05:1
9. Memory of Your DNA 05:35
10. Cosmic Comic Book 07:07
11. She Says She Loves The Warm 04:45
12. Seems LIke The Way To Go 03:58
13. Let It Breathe 03:55
14. Everybody Needs a Wishing Well 05:57


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