iji - Bubble

iji - Bubble

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Artist: ijiAlbum: Bubble • Catalog number: TL-96 • Formats: LP | CD | Digital album

Release day: July 29, 2016

iji (pronounced: ‘eehee') is a West Coast pop group led by songwriter and multi- instrumentalist Zach Burba of Seattle, WA. A consistent 10 years of touring and spewing countless, lush, home-made records and tapes has cemented iji as a notable voice in the USA’s underground DIY music scene. In 2015 iji released the highway opus, "Whatever Will Happen", the band's first studio album and debut with Team Love Records. iji now offers a new studio album that named itself “Bubble”.

While out on tour in 2015, iji began collectively writing down and sharing all band member’s dreams in one journal. This new practice inspired Burba to write an album in dream language; An album which explores the abstract and absurd tendencies of a confused and distracted mind. Recorded in only 5 days, the record is more of a band effort than any previous release, pointing to a raw and wild, new energy. Lightly tipping the scales more towards the DB’s than Squeeze; More towards Orange Juice than Aztec Camera. The current iji band, which features members of Sick Sad World, Pill Wonder and Neighbors, believes in playing without reservation, without fear. Trusting whatever comes out, simply for the love of wild music.

On this album iji is: Zach Burba (Songs, Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Organ, Percussion, Sax) Will Murdoch (Bass, Vocals, Synth, Sampler, Sax) Jake Jones (Drums, Vocals, Percussion) Evan Easthope (Guitar, Vocals) Curran Foster (Synth, Piano, Vocals, Organ) Jade Tcimpidis (Vocals)

Featuring: Karl Blau (Sax Solo on What’s Real) Nich Wilbur (Recording Engineer) Shannon Kerrigan (Samples on Whooping)

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  1. What’s Real (3:52)

  2. Free Screening (1:35)

  3. Wild Music (3:32)

  4. The Pattern Grows Clearer (3:16)

  5. Losing Track of Time (2:53)

  6. Orange Peel Moniker (3:16)

  7. Stretching Out (2:07)

  8. Candle Flame (4:13)

  9. Cold Statue (2:52)
  10. Summer of 2069 (3:47)

  11. Whooping (1:54)

  12. Notice of Proposed Land Use Action (2:50)
  13. What’s Happening (3:32)

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