bentcousin - Solid/Friendzone

bentcousin - Solid/Friendzone

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OUT JUNE 16, 2015

London's bentcousin is 25 year old twin siblings, Amelia and Pat Innit, who were magically born a decade apart - Amelia just before midnight on December, 31st, 1989, Pat just after on January 1st, 1990. They formed in the summer of 2011 after sharing a dream (it's a twin thing) in which David Bowie told them they were destined to make music together. In fact, most of their songs come to the young duo during joint dreams and their new single, Solid, is proof of their active nighttime imagination.

The band’s 2013 debut, Everybody's Got One, announced a band with a considerable stockpile of catchy musical ideas and songs about romantic dysfunction and rejection.  The band’s follow-up, the single Dizzy, drew further inspiration from sandy beaches, repressed anger, paranoia and love.  It was also perhaps the first indiepop/grime 7-inch ever to be released. 

With Solid, bentcousin has taken another massive leap in the direction of catchy summer pop magic.  Tambourines set the tempo as Amelia addresses the topic of friendship from a place that’s equal parts nostalgia and optimism.  It’s a glorious mix of Heavenly, Saint Etienne and 60s girl pop groove.  The b-side, Friend Zone, tells a typical tale of anxiety and rejection in duet fashion, a form bentcousin continue to mine with success. 

Live, the band has played a number of gigs in London and Brighton and have quickly gained a following as much for their clangorous clatter as their sense of humor and stage presence as they embrace the magic of spontaneity and mistakes that come from being in front of an audience. Musically, when the Innit's take the stage, Pat plays the passive aggressive, Amelia plays the bossy older sister.  The band will be playing select shows throughout the summer and fall before returning to the studio to finish up their debut full-length album, due to be released on Team Love sometime before the end of the current decade.



  1. Solid
  2. Friend Zone

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