Good Good Blood - Songs From Where I Live
Good Good Blood

Good Good Blood - Songs From Where I Live

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On his first full-length album, Songs From Where I Live, Good Good Blood (aka James Smith) takes his gift for delicate songwriting and directs it toward a personal account of his own experiences. Written and recorded at home during the first week of January 2017, the album was born out of a long bout of depression where the act of musical creativity was cathartic and self-affirming.There are echoes of Alex G and Mount Erie at work, uplifting moments that signal rebirth and growth, and lyrical themes focusing on life, mental health, family and ultimately, the grounding embrace of the little Northern England town where he lives.

  1. I Was Cold and Sad So I Lit a Fire 02:50
  2. Away Away 03:40
  3. Fallen Leaves 02:43
  4. This is Just the Way I’m Feeling 04:08
  5. The Sunken Tree 04:12
  6. Blood on My Pillow 06:06
  7. Ode to Mount Eerie 03:52
  8. Don’t Smoke 01:36
  9. That Noise in My Head I Told You About 01:04
  10. Hagg Wood, 6h January 2017 07:32

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