Sea of Bees

Sea of Bees - Orangefarben

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Released on May 1st, 2012 on Team Love Records, Orangefarben is as much of a reflection of one relationship as it is of the relationships we all have with one another. There's giddy joy, desperate sorrow, yearning, fear, frustration, and a depth of emotion that can only come when sharing little or big portions of yourself with a kindred spirit. Just as Julie Ann Bee was unafraid to share so much of herself on this album, she encourages you take to Orangefarben with the same fearless abandon.


  1. Broke 4:00
  2. Take 4:17
  3. Gone 3:48
  4. Teeth 4:00
  5. More 4:20
  6. Give 4:06
  7. Smile 4:03
  8. Leaving 3:59
  9. Girl 2:37
  10. Alien 5:26
  11. Grew 4:23

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