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Conduits - Conduits

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Built from an equal love of drone, shoegaze, post rock, early synth, and the 1970′s, their sound exists in a world bigger than the sum of its parts: chiming guitars, steady drum beats, analog synths, proggy basslines, and beautiful female vocals that are strong enough to not get lost in the swirling soundscapes.

Though they hail from a town famous for producing singer-songwriters, Conduits’ music wouldn’t feel right played on an acoustic guitar. These guys know that a perfectly placed drum hit, a thunderous synth bass crescendo, or a squalling guitar can sometimes be just as crushing as any lyric or chord progression. They draw as much from Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine as they do from Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin, and probably land somewhere in the middle. Their live shows have been described as mesmerizing, an often continuous flow of music that transfixes the audience until the last drum beat, feedback loop, or final vocal collapse.


  1. Top of the Hill 3:59
  2. Misery Train 4:53
  3. Limbs and Leaves 3:58
  4. The Wonder 8:20
  5. On the Day 5:23
  6. Last Dirge 5:57
  7. Blood 5:08
  8. Well 7:08


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