Tilly and the Wall - Heavy Mood
Tilly & the Wall

Tilly and the Wall - Heavy Mood

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'Heavy Mood' was written and recorded over a period of life changing events for all five members; Derek Pressnall, Jamie Williams Pressnall, and Kianna Alarid Cameron got married and all three had kids, while Nick White and Neely Jenkins moved to Los Angeles (Nick joined his friends' band The Young Veins and Neely moved to LA to teach yoga, and began teaching online classes for Taiwanese students). 

Mirroring this change, the ten new songs of 'Heavy Mood' explore new musical palettes without losing the exuberant spirit that launched their acclaimed debut album, 'Wild Like Children.' By blending their signature stomps, taps and hand claps with electronic beats, using electric guitars to build thicker walls of sound, and embracing a fearless approach where love and aggression equally thrive, Tilly & the Wall make 'Heavy Mood' their most eclectic album to date. The in-your-face title-track "Heavy Mood" embodies their playful spitfire, while the reverb-drenched "All Kinds of Guns" attacks with Spector-like production and harmonies. The haunting ballads "I Believe In You" and "Echo My Love" shift into electro-pop, while album closer "Defenders" epitomizes their new vision: "Absolute freedom is to be unafraid, fearless," says Kianna Alarid.


  1. Love Riot 3:10
  2. Heavy Mood 3:14
  3. All Kinds of Guns 3:32
  4. Static Expressions 2:57
  5. Thicker Than Thieves 3:06
  6. Hey Rainbow 2:41
  7. I Believe in You 5:43
  8. Echo My Love 4:02
  9. Youth 3:37
  10. Defenders 4:38

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