bentcousin - Dizzy (7" single)

bentcousin - Dizzy (7" single)

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Bentcousin are twin’s Patrick and Amelia. Their new single is a paean to their home town Brighton. The song captures the energy and hustle-bustle of this popular British seaside town, and incorporates the twins dual love of pathos and fun.

Patrick, the younger twin explains, “The song brings together our love of pop, surf, and hip hop in celebrating our home town. We met the rapper in the children's end of the municipal swimming pool in Brighton. I asked him where he'd got his Sponge Bob water-wings from. We then discussed the decline of the Bow grime scene, the irrepressible magic of A Tribe Called Quest and he agreed to hiphop on our song.”

Amelia picks up the story, “After that, we all went for a shandy and fish finger sandwich on the pier.  Pat got passive-aggressive when he tried to win a fake rolex from the 2p machine and tried to fit his finger in the penny slot.  He then decided he didn't want to learn to tell the time anyway, so we all went on the ghost train. After another shandy, we came up with all the words and tune for the song.”

The single B side includes their collaboration with original Clash and PiL guitarist Keith Levene. Amelia explains, “We met Keith on Twitter and because he’s our dream uncle, we wrote and recorded the song on the same day.” 

“Working with Keith was the best fun we've had so far.” Patrick adds, “we learned so much from him, he's a proper gentleman.”

Bentcousin follows their 2013 debut EP Everybody’s Got One with the 7” single Dizzy, to be released July 1, 2014 on Team Love Records.



  1. Dizzy 2:47
  2. 2014 4:14

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