Choir Boy - Passive With Desire
Choir Boy

Choir Boy - Passive With Desire

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Though some memories are better left unmentioned, locked away in a crypt of lost photos and VHS tapes, Choir Boy’s hazy spark of origin draws back to a middle school punk band in Cleveland, Ohio. He was eventually kicked out of the band, but midst sleep-over fueled home movies and sloppy Ramones and Dropkick Murphys covers, songwriter Adam Klopp made his first attempt at playing in a band. Choir Boy. The name itself was possibly intended to be an insult, just a snarky blogger in the Ohio DIY/Punk scene tossing out a lazy jibe to describe Adam’s style and vocal technique. But for Adam, who was raised in a Mormon household and was very practiced in the form of church choirs, the name felt fair enough.  “I wasn’t really offended, I just thought, I guess it’s true.  My parents make me sing in choir. Oh well.”

“It seemed funny to me as sort of a comical reclamation of the mocking title I received from “punk” peers as a teen. While serving as a weird reflection of my childhood and musical heritage.”

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  1. Two Lips 03:29
  2. Angel Dog 04:30
  3. Leave Me Be 03:48
  4. I Feel How the Snow Falls 04:17
  5. Blood Moon 05:31
  6. Sanitarium 05:18
  7. Passive With Desire 05:38
  8. Hellmouth 03:55
  9. Dark Room 04:26

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All songs written and produced by Choir Boy
Adam Klopp- vocals, synthesizers, guitar, piano, percussion, and sequencing Katrina Marie Ricks Peterson- vocals
Bret Meisenbach- guitar
Jacob Hall- Drums
Kyle Hooper- keys
Chaz Costello- bass
Trumpet on “Sanitarium” by Stephen Cope
Strings on “Angel dog,” “Leave me be,” “Sanitarium,” “Passive with Desire,” and “Hellmouth” by Alyssa Pyper
Engineered by Adam Klopp and Bret Meisenbach at home and by Stephen Cope at Studio Studio Dada.
Mixed and mastered by Stephen Cope at Studio Studio Dada.
Photography by Alex Powelson Art/ Layout by Adam Klopp

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